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Syndicated Features

Syndicated Features

Syndicated features are such a great way of getting regular branding in front of a host of different people.

And it’s one of the things we have always specialised in … supplying regional newspapers, magazines, online media and broadcast with free editorials, monthly columns, video footage and audio.  With key product messages embedded in the copy and clear visual branding used as part of the column layout, they can provide you with a simple but effective way of communicating product and service information to key audiences around the UK.

Daily, weekly and Sunday print and online titles have reduced editorial teams these days so any ready to print or free to broadcast syndicated features – not too commercially biased – is well received. So long as we ensure content is provided to coincide with specific deadlines and regional seasonality is taken into consideration we can guarantee regular print and broadcast coverage.

So imagine you have a product, service or story that is constantly changing and evolving or developing on a monthly basis. There is always something to talk about and a broad audience base that would be interested or involved. We can produce a monthly video with an experienced presenter that can be hosted on digital TV platforms and seeded into online media. An audio feature can also be produced whilst the recording takes place that can be syndicated to regional radio stations around the UK. At the same time, a print version of the monthly feature can be prepared and placed in regional newspapers and magazines (and can also be hosted on the websites of radio stations running the audio feature). You’re getting along of usage – and coverage – from a 90 second piece of video!

Last year we had nearly 1,000 articles appear in print and online – all completely for free.

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