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Payments Industry PR

Smart devices are on track to replace cash and cards as UK mobile payments are projected to hit over £1.2bn a week by 2020.

This is just the UK, but it is a small measure of how the fast-evolving world of cashless commerce, including contactless payment cards, digital gift cards, pay by phone and biometric security, is revolutionising the way we manage our money and make payments.

Banks, card companies, retailers, transport operators, leisure facilities and public services worldwide are having to keep up to date continually with rapidly changing concepts, technology and systems.

The fast moving market and the commercial opportunities that this opens up are inspiring not only major organisations but also hundreds of Fintech entrepreneurs to create many new products and services. It is a major industry – according to the UKTI report ‘Landscaping UK Fintech’. The payment sector contributes a massive £10bn to the dynamic UK Fintech market and London has become the Fintech capital of Europe.

Cryptocurrency, fraud prevention, authentication, challenger banks, legacy banks, omni-channel commerce, payments regulations, mobile wallets, wearables, phone to phone payments and the impact of Apple Pay are all relevant topics. We’ve learnt about and written about them all across the world in the last few years.

From London to Mexico City, Istanbul to Johannesburg, Warsaw to Jakarta, we have been deeply involved with payments PR and media worldwide for several years. We have created influential editorial coverage internationally and locally for many events including PayExpo Europe, PayExpo MENA, the Mobile Money, Payments Security and Transport Ticketing conferences and exhibitions.

Working closely with major brands and industry experts speaking at the conferences, we have generated hundreds of pieces of editorial coverage in English and local languages in payments, banking, retail, mobile telecoms, business, leisure and transport media. Together these have assisted Clarion Events in attracting delegates and visitors, establishing the shows as major international events.

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