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Our Expertise

We are London PR Consultants, and these are our areas of expertise.

Talk to any of our clients and they will tell you that Clareville is a group of straight talking, reliable and creative thinking London PR consultants. We’ve been around for a couple of decades and our directors and managers have backgrounds in publishing, media and PR. We have specialist expertise in these key areas.

London PR Company B2B PR


It’s not just about shouting the loudest when it comes to B2B PR, it’s about making sure that you have the major share of voice in the market place – and we know how to make that happen for you.

Understanding your business and importantly why your customers buy from you and not your competitors is the key to success in our B2B PR campaigns.Read More

London PR Company Consumer PR

Consumer PR

The easy bit about consumer PR is that everyone is a consumer. Mums, dads, teens, tweens, homeowners, business owners, savers, spenders, urbanites or country dwellers.

The hard part is targeting the right people with the right messages at the right time – and that’s where we can help.Read More

Parenting PR

Babyville is a specialist division of Clareville experienced in pregnancy, baby and nursery product PR, awareness campaigns, promotions and marketing support. If you’re trying to reach out to first time mums, new parents or parents with young families babyville is your fast track to success.Read More

London PR Consultants - Exhibition PR

Exhibition PR

If you’re in the exhibition business proving that shows deliver and offer good ROI is key.  Understanding the power of exhibitions in the marketing mix and what makes them successful is something we’ve really got to grips with.

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Garden PR/Gardenville

If you want to target existing or novice gardeners, or homes that use their outside space as an extension of their indoor living area get in touch with the gardenville team.Read More 

Gift Card PR

First there were vouchers, then gift cards and now digital and e- gift cards, delivered and redeemed online or by mobile phone.

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London PR Consultants - Lifestyle PR

Lifestyle PR

Confectionery, estate agents, fashion accessories, food, herbal remedies, home interiors, travel agents, toys and games and women’s magazines – to name a few of the industry sectors we have worked in with leading brands and retailers.

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Meetings Industry PR

Countries, regions, cities, hotels and dedicated venues all around the world vie to attract the many international and national conferences and meetings arranged by associations and businesses each year. 

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London PR Consultants - Payments Industry PR

Payments industry PR

Cashless commerce, including contactless payment cards, digital gift cards, pay by phone and biometric security, is revolutionising the way we manage our money and make payments. Banks, retailers transport operators, leisure facilities and public services are having to keep up to date continually with rapidly changing concepts, technology and systems.

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London PR Consultants - Publishing PR

Publishing PR

Clareville’s roots are in the publishing world.  Our founder, John Starr, was managing director of one of the largest lifestyle publishing houses in the UK and we have been responsible for publicising and promoting major titles such as Good Housekeeping and Country Living as well as business publishers such as Citroen Woolf.

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Retail PR

Shopping – love it or hate it, the whole high street experience is now part of much broader retail scene that includes online and on-phone purchasing and price comparison.  If you’re on the high street then PR support to increase footfall, increase sales and increase brand loyalty and word of mouth recommendation is essential. 

[Read More

Tech PR

Clareville is expanding its technology team. If you want a PR agency which delivers high-impact campaigns that build market awareness, engage target audiences and drive sales for tech businesses, get in touch today.

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London PR Company Social Media Management

Social Media Management

If your tweets are tired or your posts are perfunctory we can take the social media load off you and provide inspired, on message, witty and engaging content for all your social media platforms. The constantly changing social media scenery and continually evolving rules and regulations means keeping up with what you can and cannot do as part of a social media programme can be both difficult and time consuming.

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London PR Company Crisis Management and Preparation

Crisis Management

Having a Crisis Plan is a bit like packing an umbrella to take on holiday – you most probably won’t ever need to use it but just in case…

We’ve handled crisis and issues management for several organisations over the years – from national events stadiums and travel operators to confectionery brands, sandwich sellers and baby products – and have created crisis plans for many others.Read More

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