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Consumer PR

Consumer PR

The easy bit about consumer PR is that everyone is a consumer.  Mums, dads, teens, tweens, homeowners, business owners, savers, spenders, urbanites or country dwellers.

The hard part is targeting the right people with the right messages at the right time and that’s where we can help.

We work hand in hand with new product development teams and marketing departments plus third party agencies to create highly targeted consumer PR campaigns that incorporate key messages along with clearly defined product positioning and branding. 

We create results driven media relations programmes,  making sure your branding gets in front of your target audiences in a way that encourages ‘I want one of those’ thinking. Our other skills include:

  • Strategy development – making sure that your brand is more than just a one hit wonder and that we help grow sales and reputation.
  • Creative brainstorming – coming up with great ideas that can be implemented to get press traction.
  • News creation – broadcasters do it, newspapers do it, online media do it, and so do we.
  • Preparing and implementing influencer and launch programmes – getting to know your company and then taking that knowledge to create campaigns that get you noticed.
  • Product placement – in the media, in the public, in the right places to encourage recall at the point of purchase.
  • Media promotions – either on your own or with a non compete third party brand which we can source for you.
  • Sponsorship support – credit where credit’s due. We always make sure sponsor gets a name check.
  • Events management – press events, product launches, blogger hubs. Our events experience makes nightmare logistics into a thing of beauty.
  • Crisis and issues management – no kneejerk, no panic, just calm considered, damage limitation programmes that have been tried and tested.
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