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Product Placement

Product Placement

The power of product press reviews or celebrity endorsements is worth millions – but if you haven’t got millions, you’ve got Clareville, the product placement experts.

Celebrity or media endorsement need not cost a fortune. We can create simple yet effective product placement programmes that produce great coverage and provide a subliminal yet strong call to action and purchase – as in I definitely want one of those!

We have a great track record for getting everyday products into the hands of celebrities and well known faces. It’s not an overnight fix – not unless you have really big bucks to throw at it – but we make sure that product gets seen being used by people who can influence your target audience. We pick and choose who we want to work with, making sure that their public profile aligns itself to your brand DNA and positioning whilst monitoring and mediating the resulting coverage and social media chatter.

After all, celebrities offer a range of lifestyle meanings and personalities that anonymous models can’t provide. Their perceived endorsement increases market acceptability and awareness and eventually results in sales. And it’s not just large brands – celebrities can also help bring a small brand into the wider media arena via social media and digital channels, helping to increase profile and awareness.

Popular TV programmes are also on our list with soaps and dramas featuring product in relevant storylines that evolve over several weeks to provide continuity in opportunity to see and branding. Prop placement has always been part of our remit for our consumer product clients and we are in regular contact with a variety of prop departments and production companies. Sometimes, it’s the smallest product that gets the most camera time or air time – a baby monitor, a watch or simply packaging of a best-selling toy.

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