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What We Do

Clareville Communications – a full service London PR company

We’re creative thinkers and great content providers. We understand how to influence consumers and customers and are a safe pair of hands for your business – that can juggle when we have to. As a leading London PR company, we have a full service offering to help you grow your brand, build business, reach existing and new audiences and prepare and cope with whatever challenges come your way.

London PR Company B2B PR


It’s not just about shouting the loudest when it comes to B2B PR, it’s about making sure that you have the major share of voice in the market place – and we know how to make that happen for you.

Understanding your business and importantly why your customers buy from you and not your competitors is the key to success in our B2B PR campaigns.Read More

London PR Company Media Relations

Media Relations

Media relations is what it’s all about. It’s most probably the reason you’re here on our website – which is good news because generating editorial coverage for our clients is what we do best.

We do all the other bits you would expect from a full service London PR agency, but securing media coverage (and that’s traditional or digital) is what we really excel at.

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London PR Company Consumer PR

Consumer PR

The easy bit about consumer PR is that everyone is a consumer. Mums, dads, teens, tweens, homeowners, business owners, savers, spenders, urbanites or country dwellers.

The hard part is targeting the right people with the right messages at the right time – and that’s where we can help.Read More

London PR Company Crisis Management and Preparation

Crisis Management

Having a Crisis Plan is a bit like packing an umbrella to take on holiday – you most probably won’t ever need to use it but just in case…

We’ve handled crisis and issues management for several organisations over the years – from national events stadiums and travel operators to confectionery brands, sandwich sellers and baby products – and have created crisis plans for many others.Read More

London PR Company Social Media Management

Social Media Management

If your tweets are tired or your posts are perfunctory we can take the social media load off you and provide inspired, on message, witty and engaging content for all your social media platforms.

The constantly changing social media scenery and continually evolving rules and regulations means keeping up with what you can and cannot do as part of a social media programme can be both difficult and time consuming.

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London PR Company Product Placement

Product Placement

The power of product press reviews or celebrity endorsements is worth millions – but if you haven’t got millions, you’ve got Clareville.

Celebrity or media endorsement need not cost a fortune. We can create simple yet effective product placement programmes that produce great coverage and provide a subliminal yet strong call to action and purchase – as in I want one of those…Read More

London PR Company Syndication and Syndicated Features

Syndicated Features

Syndicated features are such a great way of getting regular branding in front of a host of different people.

And it’s one of the things we specialise in … supplying regional newspapers, magazines and online media with free editorials and monthly columns.  With key product messages embedded in the copy and clear visual branding used as part of the column layout, they can provide you with a simple but effective way of communicating product and service information to key audiences around the UK.

Looking for a London PR agency to help you gain free exposure? Read on.Read More

London PR Company Competition Promotion

Competition Promotion

Not quite as glamorous as celebrity endorsement, but much loved by press, bloggers and social media content providers alike – and an easy and cost effective way of getting key messages and branding in front of your target audiences (and data, if data is your thing).

Whether it’s a national newspaper weekly promotion including product giveaway for every reader, regional newspaper PR competitions targeted to support specific retail locations, lifestyle titles that want to offer their readers something extra, seeding programmes for online media for film and product launches or broadcast phone ins and on air competitions we can get that sorted for you.
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