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Media Relations

Media Relations

Media relations is what it’s all about. It’s most probably the reason you’re here on our website, which is good news because generating editorial coverage for our clients is what we do best.

We do all the other bits you would expect from a full service London PR and media relations agency, but securing media coverage, whether traditional or digital is what we really excel at.

The keys to our media relations success are being creative, skillful and proactive and totally results driven. So that’s coming up with ideas and storylines that will appeal to your target media and proactively and skillfully selling them in to editors, writers and bloggers as well as constantly identifying editorial review opportunities for your brand’s products and services. For instance, take an apple. It’s a fruit, it’s green and it grows on trees.

One apple, so many story opportunities. Apple trees, orchards, windfalls, apple pie, a healthy ball of goodness, five a day, keeps doctors away, wise sayings, bobbing for apples, bite, Apple Mac, iphone, iwatch, time, theory of relativity, falling apple, apple trees.

We apply all the techniques and seize all the opportunities available from products features and product review sections, product guides and seasonal articles to comments and quotes in articles and news stories, profiles and opinions in planned features and supplements and letters to the editor.

Media contacts know that we are a reliable source of information and can be trusted to get copy, pictures, samples and other editorial collateral to them when they need it. Our ideas for features, articles and topical mentions are incorporated into publishing schedules and programme content and our clients get the largest share of voice.

For all our media relations work we provide evaluation and insights into campaign results and achievements that can be used as benchmarking tools for future activity.

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