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Clareville’s roots are in the publishing world. Our founder, John Starr, was managing director of one of the largest lifestyle publishing houses in the UK and we have been responsible for publicising and promoting major titles such as Good Housekeeping and Country Living as well as business publishers such as Citroen Woolf.

Whether it’s printed editions, online publishing or digital media platforms we know what works when it comes to increasing circulation, profitability and profile. Although digital publishing has grown dramatically there are still success stories in the traditional print media world – powered by quality editorial, efficient distribution networks and high profile PR that has a direct impact on copies sold.

It’s about looking for the edge, the angle – taking that exclusive interview that you know is going to appear in a particular issue and then feeding it in to the news and broadcast media and onto social media platforms so that publicity appears to coincide with the issue date. More publicity, more sales.

We understand that revenue streams such as reader events, conferences and awards ceremonies are now all part of the publishing mix and make sure that your branding doesn’t get overlooked in resulting press coverage or photo stories. Your sponsorship or financial involvement with industry awards or conferences is recognised and applauded through the work we that we do in creating as much media buzz and buy in as possible.

Publishing PR
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